""Maine State GEAR UP Program
Creating a College-Going Culture in Maine

Students are more successful when parents are involved in their education.


1) Make sure your child maintains excellent attendance.

2) Contact each of your student's teachers to introduce yourself. This opens the door for future communication.

3) Encourage your child to stay involved in extracurricular activities.

4) Talk with your child about interests and possible career choices.

5) Take your child on a tour of a college campus.

6) Discuss your child's course load to ensure that it does not feel overwhelming.




Maine Parent Federation

Maine Parent Federation

The Maine Parent Federation, Inc. is a statewide private non-profit organization that provides information, advocacy, education, and training to parents and professionals to benefit all children. They promote individual aspirations and community inclusion for people with disabilities. In existence since 1984, MPF is physically located in Augusta Maine, but assistance is available on a statewide basis.

GEAR UP Parent resources, news, and information: http://www.mpf.org/projects/gearup.htm

Financial Aid Information:

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ChecklistCollege Prep Checklists for Parents

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*New* Read the article Checklists for Parents of College Students by Lisa Belkin from the New York Times Magaine.

Further Resources

Kid Source.com
A good overview of what middle school students and their parents should be keeping in mind about career paths.


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